The Power of Paralysis

People have a funny way of getting in the way of their own paths. Constantly darting in and out of certainty. Is this right? Did I make the right choice? Am I good enough? These questions plague our human race to such detriment that we succumb to the power of paralysis. 

A paralysis that takes hold with the grip of death. Struggling to push forward. Suffocating in the intoxicating allure of surrender. 

What does it even mean to give up? 

Does it mean walking away from something that you don’t see the merit in anymore? 

Or does it mean giving up the resistance that you have to the obstacle in front of you? 

Fear. The supervillain of humanities existence. Insidiously casting doubt. Planting rotten seeds in perfectly good flower beds. Friendly on the outside. Comforting even…

How did we get here? How did we get to the point that fear has takin such hold of us that we can’t even make a simple choice? As we descend into the depths of our sorrows, we find a whole new world of empty darkness. A vast and spacious place that seems like the opposite place we should find ourselves in. 

But why? Why is the darkness so bad? What is it about descending into the dark that terrifies us so badly? How did we get to the point that were afraid of the dark? What is it about the dark that lights such a fire under our ass to push forward… as far away as possible from the thing we would rather not face. We would rather not see it?! So it can haunt us forever?? 

It breaks my heart. That we can be so broken and sad that things appear way more monstrous than we could ever imagine. 

Yet, we imagine the dark in order to create it in our reality. We imagine the fear. And then manifest it. A spiral downwards. But if you spiral down, you have the power to transform that place into something beautiful. 

There is so much beauty in life and yet we miss so much of it. The feeling of goosebumps on your skin when your cold. The smell of freshly washed laundry. The light of the sun coming up over the mountains through the clouds at dawn. 

These things are there. They hold the key to your liberation. They hold the power to lift you up. They are always there, as potential. For what are these things other than perspectives. 

But there are so many perspective to choose from. 

That’s the scary part. 

Is the sheer power of your thoughts. The sheer power of your feelings. And how well they can deceive you. They can convince you that you are happy when you are truly sad. They can tell you not to try because it’s not worth it. 

But underneath all of this, what do YOU feel? 

Why are you even fucking here? 

What is your why? 

If you can’t figure that out. Your doomed. Doomed to repeat everything over and over and over until you do get it. Until it clicks. But thankfully, it will click. As some point, along the road it will click into place. 

But not if you stop. 

You’ll never know what lies ahead of you if you don’t carry on forward. 

When the death grip of fear takes hold. It’s not enough to surrender to its power. To stop fighting. It requires going within to the face the thoughts and feelings that put you there to begin with. 

For you created that paralysis to begin with. 

Simplify your life. Take simple, eloquent, small steps towards the things that you are passionate about. Be brave. Because you’re worth more than the fear. You are worthy of so much more. 

Of happiness. And joy. And acceptance. When you finally accept the circumstances as they are. You accept yourself. The good. The parts we’d rather not look at. The parts that others like, but don’t suit you. All of it. 

You are complete just the way you are. 

There is nothing that you HAVE to do. You do what you do because you choose to do it. The way you paint it, it’s simply your flavor. No one but you has the right to tell you that your flavor is good or bad. Only you. 

There is nothing chasing you. There is nothing in your way. Just take the eraser and erase the block. Erase the fear monster. And flow forward. Do not spend your energy creating circumstances that go against your highest good. You were meant to be here for something special. And only you will know what that is. 

Potential is nothing more than an illusion. For what you are destined to be, will be. And what’s not meant for you will subside. Don’t complicate it more than it needs to be. There is no need to have it all figured out. It will figure itself out on its own.

Just keep your chin up and keep going. No need to know where you are going. 

!!But what about preparation?!

!!How can I get to where I want to go without setting out a plan??

Don’t worry! Life’s got your back if you believe it does. The plan is already set in place. You just have to play your part. 

The structure of existence doesn’t care if YOU have a plan. It will take you where you need to go. And within the unknown is a secret waiting to be unlocked. 

To be painted gloriously with a magic paintbrush that you hold. There are no worries to be had. No fears. Only feelings, neither good or bad. 

Just feelings. 

Find out what those feelings mean to you, and you’re se! Plant seeds of inspiration and belief that the world is out to help you not get you. And you will find comfort. Even if your still lost. Just redirect, retrace your steps, and find the last spot you remember and start there. And then do something differently. 

The path will unfold for you as it is created. Moment to moment. 

Just take one step. All you have control over in the now is you. 

Don’t fear.

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Just another fleck of stardust in this cosmic mystery of the mind.

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