Spinning in Circles

Contrary to popular belief, spinning in circles is good for you. Maybe we secretly know this, and that is why we try not to do it. Humans have an AMAZING ability to avoid things. For what more is spinning in circles than a pleasant way of doing nothing. Trying harder and harder to get to a point that nothing and everything falls into place. 

It can happen, you know. 

You may feel like you are getting nowhere, but in reality, you are in fact getting somewhere. There isn’t much to grasp in this concept. For we are all in a constant state of spinning in circles even if we choose not to acknowledge it. 

Silently spinning and swirling surrounded by an ever increasingly blurry world around us. Are we spinning or is it the world spinning around us? 

Contemplation of the nature of reality, or in simple terms the natural world…. What is the natural world? And why do we separate ourselves conceptually from it? The harder we try to pin point what is what, and who is who, and why things are the way they are, the further from our self we get. 

Try to remember a time when you didn’t worry. When you didn’t stress. When you didn’t have a to-do list a mile long. What were you doing? What were you thinking? How did it make you feel? Were you even worried about how you felt? 


Most would picture some form of escapism, a nicely laid towel on a beach chair, or far off in a distant land on what we call a “vacation”. But in reality, it isn’t like this at all. It was the last time you were in “the zone”. 

What do I mean by the zone? 

I mean that point where you get to when you’ve spun so fast that it no longer feels like effort. Where gravity takes over, and the mind has no choice but to succumb to the act of spinning. That point where you start to get dizzy, and your mind says “this is bad” or “you aren’t having a good time”. 

When in actuality, you are having a great time. No control, no direction, or pressure, …nothing. Pleasantly fumbling about in a drunken-like dizziness that will force your feet to follow suit. 

Potential is a lot like this as well… When we feel drawn to something, we naturally start to gravitate there. We don’t need to think about it. We need to trust it. No need to let your mind get in the way. Don’t let it tell you that you aren’t having a good time. 

It’s amazing how much power we give to our minds. Like handing the keys to your SUV to a three year old and saying “don’t break anything!”. 


Absolute absurdity! 

What if you DID hand your keys to a three year old. Chances are they would fly your car to the moon! Or decide we don’t need roads and drive ravenously through the neighbourhood chasing down park benches and stop signs. 


Until that gets boring and decides it’s time to take a nap. Meanwhile, the adults could just spin in circles in the backyard until they get dizzy and fall down… and then take a nap. 

Pleasant expectations are just as dangerous as pessimistic expectations. 

The turn of events that exhibits a sense of direction is merely an illusion. There is no difference between the three year old mind and the adult mind. For they both wreak havoc in one way or the other.

Doesn’t matter how you slice it. 

Look at what happens when we give adult minds the keys to the SUV… they drive us to “logical” places. Like work. And school. But what if work was school and school was work? Would it make any difference grand scheme of things? 


Because what we define as “the grand scheme of things” is simply expectation. Of what, you might ask… and to that I would ask: what do you want? 

And the mind will come up with an answer… as it always does and it will tell you to go this way and that, but do you ever stop in wonder and simply wander? 

Stop TRYING to makes sense of things and SENSE things. Everything has a message. Everything has meaning. But the meaning you PLACE on it is very important. It will either align with the meaning of that thing or it won’t. Struggle vs. surrender. Just let go of the idea that things OUGHT to be a certain way, and allow it to be what it is. 

If you’re having fun, then have fun. If you’re scared, then be scared. There is no right or wrong approach to life, it is simply about being in it. 

So if you find yourself stuck in a rut… ask yourself why you feel stuck! Maybe you’re meant to just do nothing for a bit. Recalibrate. Realign with the flow. 

You may ask: But what about my job! I NEED my job! Or what about the bills?! I NEED to pay my bills! And to that the universe responds… There is no NEED for anything. You actually don’t even need to breath if you think about it. You just breath. 

The more you think, the more you appear to be spinning your wheels. What is needed is to just BE. Right here. Right now. Always. And you will create the perception that the world has stopped spinning around you. And you can foolishly take credit for it… but don’t kid yourself into thinking you had any control over it. 

Just do what makes you happy. Or do what makes you miserable… if that’s what you’d prefer. But give it your all and don’t create unnecessary internal restrictions – don’t limit yourself to being 95% of an ass, go big or go home! 

Limitations on the other hand, may just be the creative opportunity you were looking for in the first place. If you can’t find it within you to be 100% of what you WANT to be, then you aren’t doing what you WANT to do. You may be close, but don’t be fooled. 

Your job does not define you. 

What you DO does not define you. 

It’s who you ARE that defines you. 

Once you realize that, you can BE anything… your free! And who you are will naturally shine through. If you’re “hard working”, then work hard. If your “lazy”, then do the bare minimum. But if a hard worker tries to be lazy, they’re in for a bad time. If a lazy person tries to work hard, they’re gonna have a bad time too. 

So who are YOU? 

And be intentional. Because in the end, your true nature will shine through. And it’s up to you to acknowledge and accept it… or not. The world will keep on spinning.

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Just another fleck of stardust in this cosmic mystery of the mind.

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