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Marbles and Madmen

Turning the page a thousand miles a minute. Fancy flashes of light before your eyes. Darting this way and that, sliding from left to right. Only to remain a glimpse in your peripheral. Unequal sentiments of proprietary blends of this and that. Such a rush.  Glamour. Gimmer. Shine. And shimmer.  Fancy that! Fate or freeContinue reading “Marbles and Madmen”

The Candle Challenge

While reading The Green Onion Revival Project post today regarding this year’s 2021 predictions, my guides said they’d take care of this one! I’ll let them take over now and we’ll see what they have in store for us. This year will be unlike any other of its kind. Blessed and peaceful if you let it,Continue reading “The Candle Challenge”

Fracturing fractals

Do you ever wonder what the world is made of?  Pictures of stillness and serenity have appeared within the mirroring of those who imagine a life worth living that eludes the vast majority of negative expression. What can we comprehend about this life. This world. This eternity.  Matters of the heart become complacent when weContinue reading “Fracturing fractals”

Intellectual Property

Circles and spirals, waves and whirlpools. What came first, the chicken or the egg?  The capacity to see beyond the obvious sheds a light on that which we think is unknowable. For everything is knowable and resides within the great beyond.  Ok, THAT doesn’t make sense. But what does? The more we know about something,Continue reading “Intellectual Property”

The Great Adventure

Forever is totally irrelevant.  The process of coming to terms with your life, to terms with maturation and the unfolding path upon you is found in the NOW.  Time is meaningless.  Forget what you think about the past. Forget what you think about the future. Forget what you know. Empty and open, we are readyContinue reading “The Great Adventure”


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